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Easy Dinner Recipes for a Heart Healthy Diet

February 19, 2023
Easy Dinner Recipes for a Heart Healthy Diet

When it comes to taking care of your heart, what you eat (or don’t eat) can make a world of difference. Following a heart healthy diet typically means keeping sodium and saturated fat levels in check, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite foods. The key to eating what you love while still being good to your heart is finding recipes that are loaded with flavor in place of artery-clogging fat and blood pressure-spiking sodium.

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So the next time you’re looking for quick and easy recipes for dinner that will really satisfy, add these to your meal rotation. They may sound decadent or taste like the ultimate in comfort food, but thanks to the addition of lean meats, extra veggies and savory spices in place of salt, you can feel good knowing that these heart healthy dinner recipes will keep your ticker happy while making your taste buds sing!

Cocoa-Crusted Pork Loin

When it comes to pork loin recipes, this splendid and savory dish is as easy as it gets. Lean pork tenderloin is enveloped in a rich coating of cocoa, coffee and cinnamon, with a surprise punch of flavor from chili powder. Although perfect for a special occasion, this healthy dinner recipe cooks up in minutes, making it easy to get on the table any night of the week.

Hearty Chicken Pot Pie

There’s nothing like the comforting taste of homemade chicken pot pie, but many traditional chicken pot pie recipes are filled with fat and sodium. Not this one! The warm, bubbly filling is loaded with veggies and lean chicken. Sodium is kept in check thanks to low-sodium broth and pungent spices like thyme and turmeric in place of salt. And it’s all topped with an adorable heart-shaped puff pastry!

Cocoa Filet Mignon with Creamy Cauliflower

Filet mignon seems to elevate any meal to a higher status. If you’ve ever wondered how to cook filet mignon to boost its wow factor even more, here’s the answer. Coat the lean, yet deliciously tender filet with a sweet and savory combo of spices. Then add creamed cauliflower as a heart healthy stand-in for potatoes and finish off with steamed spinach for vibrant color. Voila!

Chicken Rollatini

This may look like it came from the finest restaurant, but you can whip up this enticing healthy dinner with ease. While the cheese and spinach rolled into the chicken give the dish pizzazz, it’s the delectably rich mushroom sauce that makes the flavors pop. This heart healthy dinner recipe is perfect when you want to impress.

Roasted Turkey Breast

This oven roasted turkey breast is super easy to make and it tastes great, too! The lean turkey is infused with herbs that impart a delicious taste, with a light gravy that’s easily made from the drippings. No need to wait for a holiday for this turkey breast recipe. It’s a heart healthy dinner you can make any time. Family approved!

Beef Chili

Enjoy hearty taste while getting loads of healthy fiber in this delicious beef chili recipe. The recipe uses lean meat to reduce the fat and the beans do your heart good. The flavor combination of this chili recipe is what really sets it apart, though. A touch of sugar perfectly offsets the heat of the chili powder, cayenne and jalapeños, creating an invigorating yet well-balanced taste.

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