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Heart Healthy Recipes

About Heart Healthy Recipes

Are you searching for Heart Healthy recipes? Health eCooks recipe website instantly delivers more than 1,000 heart healthy recipes to help you make your favorite foods with lower sodium, low cholesterol and low fat. Health eCooks recipes are developed and tested by professional chefs in our start-of-the-art Test Kitchen. Registered dietitians adjust ingredient portions and calculate nutritional data to ensure each heart healthy recipe contains no more than 6g of saturated fat and less than 400 mg of sodium per serving. In addition to being low fat and low sodium, these healthy recipes call for low-fat dairy products which contain no more than 3g of fat per serving. Our heart healthy recipes are also made with lean sources of protein. Health eCooks recipes make sure you can eat beef, poultry or fish, and still follow a heart healthy diet. If you or someone you know is advised to start eating a heart healthy diet, Health eCooks is your recipe website. Our chefs and dietitians show you how to cook the best healthy recipes, using the ingredients you love to eat, while keeping your heart healthy.