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How to Cut a Watermelon

August 8, 2023
How to Cut a Watermelon

Looking for the best way to cut a watermelon? Watermelon offers a trifecta of sweetness, nutrition and hydration all in one fruit. But although this refreshing fruit is a staple during summer months, many people are intimidated when it comes to cutting one. 

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There are lots of good reasons to know how to cut watermelon. Not only does this fruit taste delicious, but the health benefits of watermelon are plentiful. This summer fruit contains vitamins A and C, is naturally low in carbohydrates and contains no cholesterol, fat or sodium. Made up of 92% water, it’s an excellent snack to keep you hydrated and it’s a great way to enjoy something sweet without reaching for high-calorie cookies or cake.

Buying and cutting a whole watermelon allows you to enjoy fresher fruit for a fraction of the cost of pre-cut watermelon. Here’s how to do it.

How to Pick a Good Watermelon

There are many factors to consider when shopping for a watermelon to find one that’s sweet. 

  • Color – A strong, consistent stripe pattern indicates a ripe watermelon. The greens should be dark and the pale stripes should be light yellow. A dull skin indicates the fruit is ready to eat. Shiny melons are underripe.
  • Field Spot – The large, discolored spot on a melon comes from where it sat on the ground. A field spot that is creamy yellow or almost orange shows the melon is full of flavor. 
  • Stem – The stem should be dry and yellow/brown. If it is green, is it not ripe.
  • Spots and Webbing – Unlike imperfections in our skin, dry weathering spots and vein-like webbing on a watermelon are good signs, as they mean it’s extra sweet.
  • Weight – A watermelon that feels heavy for its size is usually juicy and sweet.
  • Shape – Rounder watermelons are more flavorful than oval-shaped ones.
  • Season – Watermelon may be available to purchase all-year long, but that doesn’t mean it will taste good. Peak watermelon season is between May and September.

The Best Way to Cut a Watermelon

Before cutting a watermelon, rinse it off with water and place it on a cutting board. Using a large, sharp kitchen knife, cut the top and bottom rind off the watermelon so it can be positioned flat on a cutting board in a vertical position. What you do next depends on how you want your watermelon sliced for eating.

How to Cut Watermelon Cubes

When cutting watermelon into cubes, you’ll want to remove the outer rind first. To do so, place the watermelon on one of the cut sides and slice down the outside edges, following the curve of the melon. Rotate the melon as you remove the rind.

Once finished, go back and trim off any white pieces that were missed until you’re left with one large piece of bright red, juicy watermelon.

Lay the peeled watermelon on its side (horizontally). Slice the flesh into 1- to 2-inch-thick circular slabs.

Stack a few slabs on top of each other and make horizontal cuts. Then make vertical cuts to create cubes.

How to Cut Watermelon Wedges

The beauty of watermelon wedges is that the rind gives you an easy way to hold the melon in your hand while you eat it. So leave the rind on but stand the watermelon on one of the cut ends. Slice it down the center to cut it in half. Then slice each half in half again to create quarters. 

Lay each quartered section flat on a cutting board and cut 1-inch thick slices to create wedges that are easy to pick up and eat.

How to Store Watermelon

Once cut, you can refrigerate watermelon in an airtight, lidded container for up to three days. 

You can also freeze watermelon for up to 8 months. Arrange watermelon cubes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and put in the freezer overnight. Then transfer frozen cubes to an airtight container or freezer bag.

Delicious Watermelon Recipes

Eating watermelon on its own tastes great, whether your preference is to enjoy a wedge or eat watermelon cubes out of a bowl. But the beauty of watermelon is that it also makes for some refreshing summer treats when combined with other ingredients. Here are some watermelon recipes that are sure to be a hit:

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