5 Fresh Ways to Remix Your Thanksgiving Leftovers - Healthy recipes and cooking tips for a healthier lifestyle

5 Fresh Ways to Remix Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

November 25, 2022
5 Fresh Ways to Remix Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

After the turkey’s carved and the mashed potatoes are passed down the table, chances are you still have leftovers. Is your fridge full to the brim with an assortment of holiday foods? Nothing’s worse than lovingly made food gone to waste, and we have the recipes that remix your favorite Thanksgiving classics. Stretch your dollar and create deliciously wholesome meals with our collection of unbelievably easy and surprisingly healthy leftover Thanksgiving recipes.

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Recipes We Love

Turkey Soup

Leftover turkey has never tasted so good. Turn your bird into a wonderfully comforting soup with tender vegetables and savory herbs. Indulge in a rich, flavorful dish that makes a perfect post-Thanksgiving starter or entrée. Serve with a fresh salad, rolls or baked potatoes to balance out your meal.

Roasted Turkey Hummus Wraps

Thinly sliced turkey breast, caramelized onions and cranberries form a tasty trio in this standout hummus wrap recipe. Switch up your lunch routine with this sweet and savory handheld meal. Roll wraps tightly, trim edges and cut diagonally before chilling — take this heart-healthy goodness on the go.

Turkey Artichoke Panini

Want creamy, crisp and fresh all in one bite? Take this 6-ingredient leftover Thanksgiving recipe for a spin. Thick whole-wheat bread holds bell pepper, baby spinach and succulent, sliced turkey breast. Use your panini maker or grill pan for a hot, wholesome dish that stretches your holiday dollar.

Stuffed Sweet Potato

Take sweet potatoes beyond pie or casserole with our cheesy stuffed sweet potato recipe. Mushroom, kale and cheddar combine for a decadently delicious filling that comes together in no time. Crisp turkey bacon adds an ultra-savory crunch that makes this easy side dish a clear winner.

Turkey Cutlets with Mushrooms

Enjoy a luscious, heart-healthy turkey dish made from Thanksgiving leftovers and pantry staples. Chicken broth, button mushrooms and turkey cutlets are simply seasoned and simmered before they're ready to be devoured.

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