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7 Healthy Thanksgiving Desserts You Can't Help but Love

November 6, 2022
7 Healthy Thanksgiving Desserts You Can't Help but Love

The Thanksgiving table is famed for its golden-brown bird and rich side dishes, but it’s the desserts that always manage to steal the show. Indulge in delicious classics that get a nutritious twist from our recipes. From baked pears to a light-as-air pumpkin pie, you’ll savor every bite of these healthy Thanksgiving recipes.

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Once you’ve had your fill of turkey and the fixings, tend to your sweet tooth with our selection of treats that fit a range of dietary needs: gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, and heart-healthy holiday dessert recipes will win over picky guests and thrill the rest. Serve up sweet, wholesome memories with one (or a few) of our healthy Thanksgiving desserts this year.

Recipes We Love


Apple Pie

Flaky homemade crust and a tantalizingly sweet, tangy filling make this healthy apple pie the perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving. Double the recipe for a large crowd and dig in - making the crust a week ahead helps cut down on prep time.


Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Serve up a vegan Thanksgiving dessert with a lusciously creamy texture. Classic pumpkin pie is remixed with almond flour for a decadent, gluten-free slice of goodness. We recommend serving it with whipped topping for extra oomph.


Apple Crisp

Try this healthy fruit crisp recipe for a down-home holiday dessert you won’t forget. It’s incredibly easy to make and features the crisp, cozy flavors of rolled oats, cranberry, and apple. Suitable for beginners and pros alike, this tasty recipe is the perfect way to end your Thanksgiving meal.


Baked Pears

Our gluten-free baked pears are wonderfully tender, sweet treats that are made with just 6 ingredients. You’ll feel right at home with warm toasted walnuts and cider-soaked raisins. Serve warm with cheese, frozen yogurt, or coffee for a complete course.


Sweet Potato Pie

Sink your teeth into a light, Southern-style sweet potato pie this Thanksgiving. Our version of this homestyle favorite uses egg whites and evaporated milk for a cloudlike texture you’re sure to love. Ground cinnamon gives this dessert that trademark fragrance and rich color that’s too good not to share.


Gluten-Free Pecan Cookies

Fill your kitchen with the beautiful fragrance of cinnamon, clove, and ginger in this pecan cookie recipe. Not everyone is a pie person, and this light, nutty dessert makes sure each guest gets their fill. Bake your cookies for just 10 minutes before cooling and serving them to grateful family and friends.


Rice Pudding

Nothing beats the creamy taste of rice pudding, so why not incorporate this deliciously spiced dish into your new Thanksgiving tradition? This low-fat version uses 1% milk in place of heavy cream for a light but luscious texture.

What are the most popular dessert recipes for Thanksgiving? 

The top desserts for this beloved holiday are pumpkin pie, apple pie, and pecan pie. Stick with the classics or opt for a fresh take - cookies can be a great contrast to heavier holiday fare while a rich pudding offers unexpected elegance.

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