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7 Tailgating Food Ideas to Take Gameday to the Next Level

October 31, 2022
7 Tailgating Food Ideas to Take Gameday to the Next Level

When football season is in full swing, look for game day foods that feature healthy ingredients without skimping on flavor. Reach for a steaming bowl of classic beef chili or serve up roasted cauliflower tossed in an unbelievably creamy Buffalo sauce. Our healthy tailgating recipes embrace the bold flavors you need for a spread that’s easy, hearty and totally mouthwatering. 

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Crowd-pleasing favorites like sliders and seven-layer dip get the job done when the big game rolls around. Our heart-healthy football recipes make planning a cinch — you’ll have an easy but impressive menu that’s just as delicious in your den as it is in a rowdy parking lot. Check out these deliciously cozy dishes that’ll make your game day party the one to beat. 

Recipes We Love


Stuffed Jalapeños

This fiery, bite-sized appetizer recipe is the perfect start to a game day meal. Monterey Jack, minced onion, and cream cheese create the savory stuffing of this tailgating favorite. Serve these deliciously spicy stuffed jalapenos alongside a taco salad or nachos for the Southwestern-inspired spread of your dreams.


BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders

Looking for a laid back meal with luscious flavors? Juicy pork loin joins minced garlic, spinach, and a barbecue sauce of your choice in this healthy tailgating recipe. Pair with baked chips or fruit cups for a kid-friendly feast.


Buffalo Roasted Cauliflower

Crispy baked cauliflower coated in a velvety Buffalo sauce takes the win every time. Serve the cauliflower piping hot, partnered with reduced-fat ranch or blue cheese dressing. “Healthy and flavorful!” says reviewer Deb. We dare you to eat just one!


Beef Chili

It’s not officially football season until that first spoonful of warming chili, and our heart-healthy chili recipe is an instant classic. Gluten-free and loaded with bold, savory ingredients, this spicy beef chili is good enough to soothe a sore loser.


Healthy Seven-Layer Dip

“I love seven-layer dip so was very happy to find a low-cal version,” shares reviewer Carly. “Try it - nobody will miss all the extra fat, and this one still has guacamole!” Cheddar cheese, black beans, and a bit of fresh lime juice round out this classic tailgate dish.


Chicken Nachos

Create rich, crave-worthy chicken nachos in just 20 minutes with our protein-packed recipe. Nachos are naturally shareable, easy, and incredibly delicious — make your own at home with less than 10 ingredients (that are probably in your pantry right now)!


Fruit Cobbler

Whether you’re celebrating your team’s victory or sulking after a loss, make the ending a sweet one. Our old-fashioned cobbler recipe features saucy pears and a soft, biscuit-like topping. Easy to bake, transport, and serve, this tailgating dessert makes any party feel special without being fussy.

How do I choose the right foods for my gameday/tailgating party? 

Consider the number of guests and the ease of the recipes. Choose simple, nourishing dishes that are a cinch to share and can be easily customized to fit different preferences. For an even more relaxed feel, stick to finger foods and serve big-batch drinks.

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