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Leave the Gluten Out of Your Thanksgiving Dinner

November 20, 2022
Leave the Gluten Out of Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Making a gluten-free Thanksgiving meal has never been easier. We’ve got the mains, side dishes, and sweets that will thrill your gluten-sensitive guests, giving you new traditional favorites to embrace this year - and for years to come.

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Main Dishes

Roasted poultry with hearty, seasonal vegetables is the way to go for a brilliant meal that contains zero gluten.

Roasted Turkey Breast with Root Vegetables

Boldly seasoned turkey breast is the perfect gluten-free protein for Thanksgiving Day. Celery, red potatoes, and parsnips dress the golden-brown bird for an herb-infused meal you’ll never forget. For easy cleanup, carve the breast before serving.

Orange Roasted Chicken

Orange slices, juice, and zest infuse this gluten-free chicken recipe with mouth-watering citrus flavor. Grated ginger adds a hint of heat to every bite. You’ll love the rich aroma and unique taste of this impressive whole-roasted chicken.


Reach for a rich, cheesy dip or party-friendly fruit to get the party started, with no gluten anywhere in sight.

Butternut Squash Dip

Using just five ingredients, create a decadently creamy dip with all of the rustic flavors of fall. Goat cheese, butternut squash, and heart-healthy pumpkin seeds combine for a tasty party starter that will wow the crowd Serve with gluten-free crackers or cut-up veggies.

Apple Canapes

Succulent apple slices are topped with honey, walnuts, and feta cheese for a celebratory snack you can take pride in serving. Consume zero gluten but get the hearty crunch and bright flavor of a healthy Thanksgiving appetizer that looks oh-so-festive.

Side Dishes:

Show off side dishes like roasted veggies and glazed sweet potatoes to keep hungry guests happy, even if they need to limit or avoid gluten.

Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Thanksgiving dinner isn’t complete without sweet potatoes, and this gluten-free recipe is guaranteed to shine. Whip up this holiday classic in just 30 minutes and watch every morsel disappear off the table.

Roasted Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts

This 5-star side dish tosses fresh rosemary and crumbled turkey bacon with roasted veggies for a winning gluten-free option. Spread the ingredients out in a single layer and cook at 450°F until crisp-tender.


Seasonal stars like pumpkin and apple steal the show in these decadent desserts that contain zero gluten. Now that's something to be thankful for!

Pumpkin Custards

Baking spices and vanilla infuse this pumpkin custard recipe with luxurious holiday flavor. Pumpkin puree is swirled with sweet, aromatic ingredients and baked to silky perfection.

Baked Apples

Bring sweet baked apples to the table for a wholesome dessert that will wow the crowd. Core the apples before filling them with oats, butter, and fragrant baking spices. Bake until soft (around 40 minutes) and serve something stunning.

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