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These Are the Best Recipes for Back-to-School Breakfast Smoothies

August 16, 2023
These Are the Best Recipes for Back-to-School Breakfast Smoothies

It’s that time of the year when early morning kitchen blenders are buzzing and moms, dads and kids are searching for the best recipes for back-to-school breakfast smoothies. Check out Health eCooks' new collection of easy, time-saving and healthy back-to-school smoothie recipes. Health eCooks is a trusted recipe website filled with dietitian-approved and chef tested recipes for healthy kids and people searching for heart healthy and gluten free recipes. Smoothies are an easy drink to start the day for everyone who wants a morning dose of healthy fruit and vegetables. A cool and delicious smoothie at breakfast will boost a student’s energy throughout the school day.

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Here's the best ingredients to make nutritious smoothies

Although moms and dads can pick up a commercially canned or fast-food smoothies, blended breakfast drinks taste best when they are made fresh in your own kitchen using generous servings of fresh, frozen, or juiced fruit and vegetables. It’s always a good idea to add protein powder, dairy milk or non-dairy milk, nut butter, yogurt, or frozen yogurt to smoothen the texture and boost the protein energy of a smoothie. Those high protein ingredients keep you filling full until lunch time or longer.

What is the best smoothie recipe for you? That depends on your age.

Do you have a favorite smoothie? The smoothie recipe you like best may well depend on your age. Health eCooks audience data and retail consumer research shows that kids, moms, dads and grandparents each prefer different ingredients in their smoothies:

Teens and 20 year olds are the top smoothie drinkers. Smoothies make an easy breakfast on the bus or on the ride to work. This back-to-school generation prefers using non-dairy alternatives in their smoothies.

Cherry Smoothie

Health eCooks recipe for a cherry smoothie for healthy kids is popular with the back-to-school crowd. It blends almond milk, peanut butter and protein power to keep kids full until lunch break. On a busy back-to-school morning, mom can blend up and serve two cherry smoothies in less than 10 minutes before the bus leaves.

Dads prefer nutrient-rich protein smoothies for morning energy and that’s probably why Health eCooks banana smoothie is popular with men.

Banana Smoothie

This healthy banana smoothie recipe is filled with oats, banana, flaxseed and protein powder. You can make it in just 10 minutes. Nutritious smoothies like this are heart healthy, too.

Moms, and many women, seem to prefer plant-based ingredients in their smoothies.

Coffee Smoothie

Health eCooks coffee smoothie recipe is trending on moms’ groups on Facebook and Instagram this month. It’s a quick and easy, and provides a big boost of energy to start the day. This smoothie blends a cup of coffee with almond milk with fruit and cocoa.

Strawberry Peach Smoothie

Baby Boomers are on the smoothie bandwagon, too. Grandparents trend toward simple, light and nutritious smoothie blends.

Strawberry Orange Smoothie

The smoothie recipe most popular with boomers is the heart healthy strawberry orange smoothie. This heart healthy recipe blends four ingredients with ice. And it’s only 95 calories.

If you’re looking for healthy back to school breakfast ideas, try making a fruit smoothie from Health eCooks. Fruit is the most appealing ingredient in any smoothie and it’s a naturally sweet way to start the day. is a free recipe website loaded with healthy recipes created by professional chefs. Registered dietitians review and analyze ingredients and recommended portions to ensure each recipe for healthy diets.

Doctors, health insurers and hospitals have been licensing and sharing Health eCooks recipes for more than 30 years under our parent website,  

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