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10 Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes

February 21, 2023
10 Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes

Feeling time-strapped in the morning but still want to fuel your body with good-for-you food? With these healthy and fast breakfast recipes, there’s no need to skip the most important meal of the day. They get you out the door quickly and keep you satisfied until lunch. As an added bonus, many of these recipes can be made ahead so you can easily grab something as you’re running out the door.

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Before you turn to carb-heavy or calorie-dense foods to start your day (sugary cereal and pastries—we’re talking about you!), check out these 10 healthy breakfast recipes that will get your day started on the right foot. They’re the perfect way to get your motor revving whether you’re enjoying a leisurely breakfast at home or are eating on the go. We’ve broken the recipes into categories to make it easy to find the best breakfast recipes to suit your taste buds.

Egg Recipes:

When it comes to breakfast recipes with eggs, these two are sure to please! They’re full of protein and take only minutes to prepare.

Egg in a Hole - You may be surprised by how easy it is to make this breakfast classic. Simply cut a hole in a slice of whole grain bread, toast until golden and crack an egg in the hole. For added fun, use cookie cutters in a variety of shapes.

Open Faced Egg Sandwich – Have hard boiled eggs in the fridge? Turn them into a fresh and satisfying breakfast sandwich in minutes! This recipe combines the freshness of arugula and tomato mixed with herbs, lemon and olive oil to use as a savory base for protein-rich eggs.

Carb-Lover Recipes:

Can’t imagine starting your day without some carbs? These recipes incorporate whole grains for added fiber and nutrients.

Avocado Toast – Creamy avocado, warm egg and crunchy whole grain bread—yes, please! This recipe is easy to make and can be customized to suit your tastes.

Blueberry Pancakes – When you’re looking for a pancake recipe that’s as delicious as it is nutritious, look no further than these blueberry-studded gems. They’re made with a few untraditional ingredients to up the protein and nutrient profile, but all you’ll taste is pure bliss!

French Toast – If you’ve ever wondered how to make French toast fit your busy morning, wonder no more. This simple recipe uses only 5 ingredients and cooks up in minutes. Enjoy a touch of sweetness with minimal effort required!

Fruity Oatmeal – This oatmeal recipe is full of fiber, protein, nutrients and crunch. It takes only 5 minutes to cook up this warm bowl of goodness that will keep you going strong all morning long.  


Sometimes the easiest way to start your day is with a smoothie you can sip on the go. These healthy smoothie recipes are filled with vitamins, minerals and protein to keep you firing on all cylinders.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie – Enjoy the creaminess of yogurt, milk and peanut butter along with the sweetness of banana and honey in this kid-friendly smoothie.  It only takes 2 minutes to whip up this delicious concoction so it won’t make you late in the morning.

Strawberry Almond Smoothie – As the name implies, this strawberry smoothie recipe makes fresh, vibrant strawberries the star of the show. The almond flavor is the perfect accompaniment to the fruit’s sweetness.


Banana Muffins – These moist and flavorful muffins are the perfect way to start your day, especially if you’re looking for an easy make-ahead breakfast you can take on the go. They freeze well, too!

Blueberry Muffins – What could be sweeter than starting your day with a delicious and nutritious muffin? We think this is one of the best blueberry muffin recipes when you want breakfast to be as healthy as it is flavorful. Enjoy!

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