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Fantastic Farmers Market Finds You Won't Want to Overlook

May 23, 2022
Fantastic Farmers Market Finds You Won't Want to Overlook

Eat fresh and support local farmers by taking home these popular items—and turning them into the delicious farmers market recipes featured below.

Shopping local is good for your health, the community and the planet. Food sold at farmers markets is typically super fresh since it doesn’t have to travel long distances and has often just been picked. It may also be grown using organic farming methods, although not all farmers market finds are organically grown. There is also a lower risk of contamination, since there is minimal handling required to get food from harvest to table.

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Aside from giving you something fun to do on a nice day, farmers markets increase your access to fresh food. In some cases, farmers offer better prices than the grocery store, especially on fresh produce. Shopping at a farmers market may also encourage you to eat healthier since most farmers market finds feature natural whole foods that look so enticing you simply want to eat them. Getting to talk to your local farmers may also inspire you to try a new vegetable or cook up a fresh recipe.

Headed to your local farmers market this weekend? These farmers market finds are worth bringing home—and turning into something delicious!

4 Fantastic Farmers Market Finds


In-Season Produce:

Produce grown by local farmers is likely to taste fresher than what you’ll find at the supermarket. You may also find more varieties than what you typically see at the store. Fruits and veggies that are just picked (and many farmers market finds are!) also retain more nutrients, since they haven’t had to make a long journey from the farm to your table. Tomatoes, berries, carrots, greens, beets, peppers and potatoes are especially great finds at farmers markets. Ask about growing practices if that’s important to you.

Farmers Market Recipes: Heading home with a stash of farm fresh veggies from your local farmers market? Try one of these delicious recipes:



Each batch of honey sold at a farmers market has a slightly different taste, depending on the local flowers and trees. Not only does honey from local bees taste delicious, but it may even help your seasonal allergies. Look at labels carefully though because not all honey sold at farmers markets is made locally.

Farmers Market Recipes: Looking for some recipes that feature the goodness of local honey? Here are some sweet ones:



Free-range eggs from a local farm taste so fresh—and they may even be healthier for you! These eggs are likely to contain more vitamins A, E and D, beta carotene and omega-3 fatty acids and less cholesterol and saturated fat than store-bought eggs. And once you taste a farm-fresh egg, you may never go back to eating store-bought eggs again!

Farmers Market Recipes: Eggs from a local farm taste great on their own, but here are other delicious ways to eat them:


Grass-fed beef:

Higher in omega-3 fatty acids and lower in fat and calories than beef you’ll find in the supermarket, grass-fed beef also tastes great. Many farmers markets have vendors who offer a selection of grass-fed beef. They may also sell free-range chicken, which is also delicious and healthy. Just make sure that any meat you buy has been refrigerated properly and don’t let it sit out unrefrigerated too long once you buy it (if you’re strolling the farmers market, make this your last stop before heading home).

Farmers Market Recipes: Can’t wait to turn your fresh farmers market find into a delectable dinner? Here are some savory beef recipes to get you started:

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