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Is Grilled Chicken Healthy?

December 20, 2023
Is Grilled Chicken Healthy?

Embrace the Sizzle: Grilled Chicken is Healthy and Delicious Any Time of Year 

When it comes to grilling a healthy meal, few proteins can match the taste and health benefits that come from perfectly grilled chicken. The aroma wafting through the air, the sizzle of the grill, and the variety of delicious seasonings makes grilled chicken a favorite food to enjoy in many different recipes. Grilled chicken can be part of a healthy and balanced meal, with numerous ways to prepare and flavor it. 

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Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or simply looking for a healthy dinner idea, you will discover numerous benefits to grilling chicken that go beyond the sensory experience. Not only does grilling chicken infuse the meat with irresistible smoky flavors, but it also offers a range of health benefits. Let’s uncover the enticing advantages of grilling chicken and explore why it’s the perfect healthy option to make for your next cookout, especially for guests who are Keto dieters or fitness fanatics.

What are the health benefits of grilled chicken?

When you are looking for a heart healthy meal, grilled chicken provides double points on the healthy eating scale. Chicken is a nutritious food that is low in saturated fat and high in protein. It’s lower in calories than most meats, making it the optimal protein choice.

White meat chicken is often called the “Food of the Fit” because of its nutrient-dense protein that helps build muscle. It’s a popular option on many weight loss diets because a 3.5-ounce portion of a skinless chicken breast is only 165 calories and loaded with 31 grams of protein.

This high-protein and low-calorie white meat is Keto friendly and the perfect protein source for body builders. For more ideas on how to fit this protein powerhouse in your diet, read our High Protein Meal Prep Ideas.

Is grilling chicken better than frying chicken?  

Grilling chicken is a healthier cooking alternative to sautéing or frying chicken. This is because fried chicken is cooked in oil or butter, increasing the fat content of your meal. Plus, the grill grates and the high heat while grilling allow excess chicken fat to drip away, resulting in a delicious, lean, protein-packed meal. By opting for grilled chicken, you can savor the flavors you love without worrying about the extra fat from chicken that’s prepared in grease. It's a win-win situation for both taste and health.

Is grilled chicken nutritious and good for you?

Unlike other cooking methods that may strip away essential nutrients, grilling chicken helps it retain its nutritional value. Chicken is a rich source of lean protein, which is vital for muscle growth and repair. The high heat and short cook time from grilling chicken ensures this protein remains intact. Additionally, grilling preserves many vitamins and minerals in chicken, such as vitamin B6, which aids in metabolism and immune function, and niacin, which supports heart health.

Grilled Chicken Bonus Health Tip: Make your own marinade so you can control the sodium content of your meal! Here’s an easy recipe for a healthy grilled chicken marinade.

Healthy Grilled Chicken Kebabs

Grilling health tip: Use low sodium seasoning and sauces for a grilled chicken flavor infusion

Whether your tastebuds prefer sweet, tangy, or spicy flavors, grilling provides a blank canvas to experiment with various seasonings and sauces. From sweet citrusy grilled chicken breasts and tender kebabs to zesty chicken tacos with a mango salsa or a flavorful orange Thai salad, the options are endless. You can experiment with different marinades, rubs, and sauces to customize your grilled chicken according to your preferences. The grill imparts a charred and slightly crispy texture on the outside, while ensuring the meat remains tender and juicy on the inside. Embrace your creativity and let the grill bring your culinary dreams to life.

Grilled Chicken with Corn Salsa

If chicken breasts aren’t your favorite, consider this heart healthy recipe that uses ground chicken for grilled chicken burgers instead.

Dill Chicken Burgers with Bacon Broccoli Slaw

How long should you grill a chicken breast?

Grill each side of a chicken breast for 5 to 6 minutes on medium-high heat (around 400 degrees). Use a thermometer to check for doneness. The internal temperature of the meat should reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Get more information and tips on grilling chicken in this blog: How Long to Grill Chicken Breast.

Practice your technique with this simple recipe for Grilled Chicken with Chimichurri Sauce.

Why grilling is good for you all year long

If the thought of turning on your oven or stove on a sweltering summer night makes your stomach drop, grilling is the way to go. Cooking outside keeps your kitchen cool and provides a nice change of scenery. Depending on where you live, it may also offer a nice dose of nature. Research shows that being outside can have a positive effect on both your mood and your health. This benefit isn’t limited to summertime. Consider firing up the grill even in the winter months.

Grilled Chicken Tacos with Mango Salsa

Grilled chicken is the best party food for big and small crowds

Chicken is one of the most economical proteins you can grill, especially for a crowd. It’s easy to eat and most people love chicken.

Grilling chicken is not just about the food; it can also be an enjoyable social experience. Grilling brings family and friends together, creating a festive and vibrant atmosphere. You can gather around the grill, soak up the sunshine, and relish the smoky aromas that waft through the air. Whether it's a casual backyard barbecue or a summer cookout, the smell of grilled chicken tantalizes tastebuds and adds a special touch to gatherings. Create lasting memories while you cook a healthy meal. For more tips and recipes to make your next grilling session a hit, check out our blog on Amazingly Healthy Grilling Tips and Recipes.

Orange Thai Chicken Salad

FAQ for Is Grilled Chicken Healthy?

Does grilling chicken retain its nutritional value?

Yes, grilling chicken on high heat helps the meat retain its nutritional value by preserving essential vitamins and minerals while reducing fat content.

What are the best seasonings to use for healthy grilled chicken?

Healthy seasonings for chicken on the grill include herbs such as rosemary and thyme, spices like paprika and cumin, and citrus-based marinades that enhance flavor without adding excessive calories. These herbs take the place of salt for a low sodium grilled chicken.

Is chicken better grilled or baked for weight loss?

Both grilled and baked chicken are excellent for weight loss as they are both low in fat and high in protein. The choice depends on personal preference and your access to an oven or a grill.

How can I ensure my grilled chicken is not too dry?

To keep the chicken juicy, marinate it beforehand. Be careful not to overcook chicken. Remove it from the grill immediately and let it rest–don’t cut into it– for up to 10 minutes after grilling to retain moisture.

Can grilled chicken be part of a heart-healthy diet?

Yes, chicken from the grill can be part of a heart-healthy diet because it is low in saturated fat and high in lean protein, which supports cardiovascular health.

Is it safe to grill chicken on an outdoor grill?

Yes, it is safe to grill chicken on an outdoor grill as long as you follow proper food safety practices, such as cooking to the correct internal temperature. Never place cooked chicken on the same plate that holds raw chicken.

Are there any specific cuts of chicken that are healthier to grill?

Skinless, boneless chicken breasts, and thighs are among the healthiest cuts to grill because these cuts of meat are lean and provide high-quality protein with minimal fat.

How often should I eat grilled chicken as part of a balanced diet?

Eating grilled chicken a few times a week can be part of a balanced diet, providing you with essential nutrients without excessive saturated fats or calories.

What sides pair well with chicken to keep the meal healthy?

Healthy sides include grilled vegetables, quinoa, brown rice, and fresh salads, which add fiber, vitamins, and minerals to your meal.

Can I use grilled chicken in meal prep?

Absolutely! Grilled chicken is perfect for meal prep as it maintains its flavor and texture when stored properly, making it a convenient and healthy protein source doe any meal.  For creative ways to incorporate grilled chicken into your meal prep, check out these Chicken Meal Prep Ideas. If you're looking for nutritious lunch options, don't miss our Healthy Meal Prep Lunch Ideas. And for delicious dinners, here’s our Healthy Dinner Meal Prep Ideas

Grilling chicken is more than just a healthy cooking method; it's an experience that awakens the senses and delivers an abundance of health benefits. From the enhanced flavor profile and healthier cooking method to the versatility it offers, grilling chicken is a surefire way to delight both your taste buds and your health. So, fire up the grill, embrace the sizzle, and let the tantalizing taste of healthy grilled chicken take your culinary adventures to new heights!

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