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A Heart-Healthy Thanksgiving Menu

October 12, 2023
A Heart-Healthy Thanksgiving Menu

Treat your heart right with this heart-healthy Thanksgiving menu, complete with delicious low-fat and low-sodium Thanksgiving recipes.

The Thanksgiving holiday often means a dinner of rich, heavy foods that are loaded with fat, sodium and calories. But what if you could create a heart healthy Thanksgiving menu that included all the traditional foods such as dressing, potatoes and pie made with ingredients that are better for you?

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Now you can! This Thanksgiving, you can prepare a traditional healthy feast with less fat, lower sodium and fewer calories by following these tried-and-true heart healthy Thanksgiving recipes.

These popular heart healthy Thanksgiving recipes from HealthEcooks.com are so traditional tasting, no one will realize this food is good for them. Guests will be so busy licking their lips and thanking you for a delicious meal, you will need to remind them that you’re helping to keep everyone’s heart healthier by serving a Thanksgiving dinner that is low fat, low sodium and lower in calories than more traditional holiday fare.

Ready to wow your guests with great taste while being good to their hearts? Try some of the recipes in this delicious heart-healthy Thanksgiving menu.

Heart-Healthy Thanksgiving Menu

Each section of this menu has a selection of heart healthy Thanksgiving recipes (click on the links to see the full recipes). Make a few or make them all – it’s up to you! They’re all delicious and have all been certified by our team of registered dietitians as being lower in fat, sodium and calories than most traditional Thanksgiving recipes.

Healthy Thanksgiving Appetizers 

Before the meal even gets started, treat your guests to a selection of healthy appetizers and finger foods that are loaded with taste, not fat or sodium.

Healthy Thanksgiving Starters

As you sit down at the table, begin the meal with a soup or salad course that contains all the flavors of the season while still being good for your heart and your waistline.

Healthy Thanksgiving Main Dishes

The star of the show at Thanksgiving is usually turkey, which is a naturally low-fat food (if you don’t eat the skin). If you want to serve something other than turkey, we have healthy recipes for a beef or vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner, too.

Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving sides are often enjoyed more than the main entrée, but that’s where the fat, sodium and calories can really start to add up. With these heart healthy Thanksgiving side dishes, you can feel good knowing that the amount of saturated fat, sodium, sugar and calories are being kept in check.

Healthy Thanksgiving Desserts

Somehow everyone finds room for dessert at this festive holiday meal. The grand finale can really pack on the calories, but not with these healthy Thanksgiving desserts! They’re lower in calories and have less added sugar than traditional desserts, although you may still want to watch portion sizes because they are a bit calorie dense.

For even more deliciously healthy Thanksgiving favorites, check out our recipes here!

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